The Taste of Tradition

Our Origins

At Col Goodman’s Original foods, we have been honing our recipes and craft for over 40 years. What started off as a simple idea has grown to represent the best of South African artisanal food heritage and a passion for all things good and tasty.

Premium quality ingredients and superior spiced flavours combined with a master blockman’s touch and a kiss from the African climate makes sharing a packet of Col Goodman’s biltong, droëwors or savoury snacks with family and friends a moment to remember.

Origins of our mouthwatering flavours

We only use A grade beef silverside for all our biltong. This, coupled with our quality selected herbs and spices, creates an eating experience that is most satisfying. Contact us today!

Experience our quality products today and enjoy the Taste of Tradition.

Meet the team who make your delicious biltong. PS They all wear PPE masks when not modelling for this photo 🙂

Meet the Original Artisans

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